Hotpoint Washing Machine will not spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My washer is a Hotpoint - Model Number HE8L 493 Serial number 412048259. I bought it in the UK December 26th 2014 I transported it to France in its unopened packaging. It is only 4 months old. I did a 40 degree wash. It completed its wash cycle and rinse cycle continued to toss the clothes but did not go into spin cycle instead the wash cycle light started to flash and beep. I paused the machine put it to spin cycle and it did spin and then the washer ended as normal then tried a 30 degree wash and the same thing happened. I tried the reset test opening the door six times but has no effect. I took out the hose from the coupling I had put it in which drains into my septic tank and put it at floor level. I tried a 30 degree wash with a small load with washing powder in the detergent dispenser and then again by putting powder directly into the drum but neither worked. However, when I used a 30 degree wash with no clothes or detergent in it competed all the cycles to the end no problem. I tried a 30 degree wash with clothes no detergent and worked I telephoned my Hotpoint customer services department who just told me that they couldn't send someone to France to repair it and would need to bring it back to the UK. I was inspecting the back of my washer and noticed that the screws that attach the back panel looked to have already been opened. My machine was bought from new from a reputable shop.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

If it can't drain, it won't spin.<br><br>You may have an issue with the drain pump or drain hose. Remove panel with machine unplugged and access the drain pump. Remove drain hose going to pump and look into pump and hose for foreign objects. Clean it out so it is able to operate properly. <br><br>Also be sure your drain hose is not too high up when in the wall. The pump may not be able to pump with high pressure to get the water out that high up. So try adjusting the height of drain hose into wall and be sure pump is not clogged. Then run a test and you should be ok.

loumcga replied 9 years ago

Thank you for your replyI have checked the pump and drain hose and there is no problem.My washer will complete the wash cycle and complete the rinse cycle and drains; it fails to continue to the spin cycle, but if I pause the washer and select the spin cycle it will spin and drain ok.I have tried all cycles I wonder if there is a problem with the washer programmes?My washer is only 4 months old. However if I swith

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