Hotpoint Top Loading Washing Machine Won’t Completely Drain at Cycle End

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Hotpoint Washing MachineHotpoint Top Loading Washing Machine Won’t Completely Drain at Cycle End
Linda asked 6 years ago
Hotpoint Top Loading Washing Machine made in 2004, has been a workhorse (2 person, 2 cat household). It has no indication of model number or anything in the way of identification on the washer itself. It's been fine on the whole UNTIL two days ago, after a heavy load consisting of a heavy cotton bathrobe, cotton washcloths and towels followed immediately by lighter smaller load of leggings, a cotton turtleneck and several light cotton items.  The second load was normal until the end, when it should have been did, partially, then I smelled an acrid smell. Faint at first then strong enough that I was afraid that the smoke alarm would go off (it didn't). May have been the belt failing? The cycle didn't complete normally. It was on but not spinning and the smell increasingly got worse. Finally I turned it off manually. I had to wring out the clothes they weren't SOAKING wet since the water was just that the tail end of the cycle couldn't complete. Does it sound like the motor has burned out? If so, is it worth fixing?

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