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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I have a Haier front load washer machine,it is aprox 4 years old and in good condition,never had any problems with it until now.It was making buzzing noises during the cycle and upon spinning would remain stationery and would tick excessively before the spin cycle - the clothes were coming out really wet but the machine was draining the water.We looked online and my hubby with online advice opened the back and sure enough the belt was very loose and had come off the drum,we ordered a new one but before he fitted it he also with online help video checked an cleaned the pipes just for extra peace of mind,the belt went on with difficulty but never the less he got it on and we did a test run with an empty load and all was well,however next day I have put in a small load and half way through the process the machine started to get really noisy and again the loud buzzing with the ticking followed - I am assuming that possibly the belt has come off - if so why is this happening and if the belt is still on what should we be checking for - PLEASE HELP i have 3 teenagers with lots of dirty washing : ( Mel Hayward UK
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Assuming you purchased the correct belt and installed properly, you may have a loose pulley or something may be out of alignment. Is the buzzing noise coming from the inside of the washer or from the control panel? Can we have model #?

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