GE Washing Machine Will Drain But Will Not Spin

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
The washer will only beep every twenty seconds when pressing start when the machine is in auto load sensing mode.  When washer is switched to a certain load size it will fill but wont agitate or spin.  When selecting the drain and spin setting, the machine will drain but won't spin. The lid switch was not replaced as I can reset the error code on the motor by lifting the lid six times after unplugging the machine.  After repeating the above process, I removed the front cover of the washer and the error code flashed ten times.  From research on the internet it indicated that the motor and control panel are not communicating and recommended replacing the control board. I replaced the control board and the same problem exists and the motor code flashes ten.  The reset procedure was followed after installing the new control board. The washer is only three years old so i hate to give up on it but I can find no other suggestions on the internet after replacing the control board and still receiving this error code.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Since it is a top load washer, you may want to test the lid switch. If the lid switch is working properly, then check all wires that connect from the control board to the motor. You may have a chaffed or damaged wire somewhere in there that is not letting the board and motor communicate properly. If you have a multimeter that will assist you greatly.

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Anonymous answered 9 years ago
I am having the same problem same model only 4 years old.. all wires seem and look fine.. the control board looks fine, nothing broken or burnt. I have reset it.. too no agitating no spinning.  Everything on this machine is in prestine condition... this is like buying a new car and 3 years later the engine goes.... i get 10 flashes as well... and it says "communications error check backsplash" on paperwork.... i need an answer please. I also have replacedlid switch  i did that cause i was informed thats the first thing that usually needs to be replaced. ... considering its still young!