GE washing machine powers off after wash cycle

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Eric asked 4 years ago
GE washer powers off after wash cycle - GTWN5650F2WS I've replaced the pressure sensor and the control board and neither fixed the issue. I'm wondering now if it's the drain pump. The water does drain but maybe not completely? The countdown LED timer at the end of the wash cycle goes from about 30 mins down to 27 then bounces back to 30 and when it reaches 27 again the machine powers off completely. I'm thinking it's the drain pump because of this note in the repair manual: "If the pressure switch and/or the pressure sensor does not close or get to the proper reading within approximately 5 minutes during drain, the control board will time out and shut down with NO lights illuminated." There will be NO error flash code on the motor. However, the control board will display the slow pump error code in service mode.