GE washing machine fills and agitates but then buzzes and stops

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE Washing MachineGE washing machine fills and agitates but then buzzes and stops
Robin Miller asked 5 years ago
My GE top loading washing machine has been giving this trouble for some time, randomly. It usually messes up when I swap it to a small load. It fills with water, then agitates, but then when it is supposed to kick into spin cycle, it stops and buzzes, then cuts off. The buzzing noise is like it is trying to kick into the spin cycle, but it can\'t, so it buzzes for like 5 minutes, then all the lights go off. This has happened a lot over the past 2-3 years, and I\'m usually able to get it going again. The last time it happened, we took the front panel off and checked the pump and everything, and all of a sudden it just started. Yesterday it messed up again. So now it has water in it and no way to get it out but to bail. I\'d gladly try to diy fix it, to keep from having to buy a new one, but not sure where to start. This morning my husband took the panel off and blew thru the tube on the left and was able to get it started spinning, but then it wouldn\'t drain the water. I\'m not sure how old it is, and I\'m at work so IDK the model or serial numbers, but can supply that after work, if need be.

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