GE Washer Top Loading – Stopped spinning or agitating

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesGE Washer Top Loading – Stopped spinning or agitating
Daniel asked 8 years ago
I have a GE wjre555ok1ww .  That is a top loading machine.  It suddenly stopped spinning or agitating.  Will not do those in any portion of any cycle I have tried.  I does everything else - including sitting still for an appropriate time when it should be agitating or spinning.  It fills to different levels based on setting. I have removed the front panel.  I can move the basket both by reaching into the machine from the inside and by turning the pulley both directions.  The pulley appears to be in correct position.  There is a green light that flashes slowly on top of the motor. I have tried resetting the motor by following instructions on GE site:  Unplugging for more than a minute, plugging in, opening and closing the lid 6 times for more than 2 inches, in less than 12 seconds, and started in less than 30 seconds. I have thought about cutting the wires from the door switch to try to test with Ohm-meter, but wanted to see if that is next step.  There are several wires going to the motor so I would hate to have to start that mess.