GE Washer HydroWave Not Agitating or Spinning

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Gregory Perry asked 5 years ago
GE HydroWave GTWP2000F0WW modelGA956461G serialI have a GE HydroWave Model GTWP2000FOWW. After an electrical storm it won’t agitate or spin. The motor light blinks in 1 second intervals and never shows a fault. When placing the unit in Field Service mode the LED’s only blink. After pressing the start button it will allow me to run through the diagnostics but shows no errors I think, not confident I am doing it correctly. I replaced the control board as my repairman recommended throwing that at it. I was sorely disappointed tonight after receiving it only to be the same issue. Washer fills but motor never starts. The open lid switch beep goes off intermittently during filling but I checked the load side of the plug and the orange wire for switch continuity and it actuates and shows continuity as though the lid switch is good. The fill tube is clear and not plugged looking. I’m pretty perplexed at this point. I have 121 volts measured at the outlet and have continuity in the power cord. I’m not sure of troubleshooting the power to the motor but the red and white wire common I assume has continuity. Any help is appreciated!

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