GE Washer GFWS1500D0WW – Keeps trying to drain, no water in washer

Lori L Donnley asked 1 month ago

My GE washer stopped during a rinse cycle (door unlocked, time left on display) clothes were wet but no water in the drum.

I pushed Start, sound like trying to drain comes on for a few minutes then pauses again.

Turned washer off, checked the drain plug, it was clear.

Turned power on, attempted to start a new load.

Washer attempts to drain (from the sound I hear) then pauses again.

Unplugged, waited 30 seconds, plugged back in and hit Temp, ewash, Temp, ewash to initiate test mode.

Door locks, door locked light comes on, sounds like it tries to drain, then stops and unlocks door.

Does not go into test mode.

Blew through drain hose, clear.

Checked drain pipe, clear.

Why does washer try to drain when there is no water in the drum?  Is there a reset?

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