GE Washer Fills Agitates But Will Not Spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE Washing MachineGE Washer Fills Agitates But Will Not Spin
BrianM asked 4 years ago
The GE WBSR300063WS washer will fill to appropriate levels. It will agitate. When the spin cycle happens it will drain, but not spin. The motor LED light is 1 second on 1 second off indicating "normal standby." I can hand turn the basket and belt/pulley by hand, it's not jamming. There is no blockage in the pressure tube (it's completely clean). There doesn't appear to be any blockage in the pressure tube connection to the tube (I cleaned it out with compressed air anyway). During the attempted spin cycle the motor doesn't even attempt to spin, so the belt isn't slipping either. The lid switch appears to be functional as it will stop agitating if I lift the lid during that cycle. I also attempted to reset the motor by unplugging, plugging back in, then lifting the lid 6 times. The dial has also been aligned appropriately so it doesn't appear it's missing a cycle. Not really sure where to go with this next. Replace pressure switch?

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