GE washer doesn\’t spin

Deanna Koc asked 5 years ago
Hello!Started a couple days ago, clothes in the washer are dripping wet. The washer is drained of water but the clothes are not spun dry. It doesn\'t seem to be \"agitating\" either. I\'ve done the master reset (unplug, wait one minute, plug back in, open/close lid 6 times. I\'ve also taken the front panel off and pulled that clear-ish tube off that goes from the load size knob down to a little box on the side of the drum. The tube doesn\'t appear clogged, there\'s a little black gunk along the sides but I can\'t scrape it out with a paperclip..the little box that tube feeds into though is full of gunk. I can\'t see how to open that box and clean it though. If I blow a bit on the tube, I can hear a click noise up by the load knob. What do I check next please? thanks!!
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