GE top load washer will not go thru spin cycle

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesGE top load washer will not go thru spin cycle
Arif asked 2 years ago
My GE top load washer initially would fill up and then stop. No agitation or anything. I would set it to drain and had no problems. After doing some research on your site the lid switch seemed to keep coming up so I ordered the part and replaced it. After the repair my washer would agitate, rinse, and drain but would not do the final spin. My clothes are left saturated and even if I run another drain and spin cycle it still does not spin. Looking on other websites it seems to ask about the belt or motor. Looking at the belt I see no visible breaks or burns. I can turn the tub either direction and it moves freely. I saw that the water level control could be an issue if dirty. The box next to the tub was clean and my tube was clean. I took the tube off and cleaned it. I blew into it and heard the clicking of the switch. I haven't checked with a voltage meter. Could this be the issue?