GE side by side refrigerator – no cooling – no continuity

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE RefrigeratorGE side by side refrigerator – no cooling – no continuity
John Aurigemma asked 4 years ago
Model PSFW3YGXCGSS GE side by side with inverter compressor. Built 2008.No cooling to both fridge and freezer. Condenser fan running and all control panel functions working. e.g. Ices and water dispenser; actual and set temperature display; beverage center express cool & turbo cool; Quick Ice The compressor windings were tested with a digital volt/ohm meter. All Compressor windings tested in specifications at 6 ohms each. No continuity to ground on any of the winding. Inverter board receiving 5.8 control volts from C15 on main board and 123 AC line volts. Main control board has 13.5 volts on red and white wires on connector top right of board. The inverter board was replaced but still no cooling. Compressor seems to starts when plugged in however minimal vibration/noise can be detected.