GE Profile Refrigerator/Freezer not cooling both holding at 77 degrees

Amy Ratekin asked 3 years ago

Our GE Profile refrigerator PFSS2MIYASS will not cool down. We replaced capacitor, overload relay, and compressor because compressor went bad and stopped working. Compressor is working, filled with freon to specs, equalized pressure at 45 psi per specs. The Hg reading is 13. The main board does not seem to be the problem as no scorch marks or breaks in soldering. All the fans are running, it was unplugged for several days before compressor was installed so no ice build up.There was no water under unit or in drip pan.  The temperature readings say 75 in both compartments after 4 hours with compressor running. There is coolish air coming from the vents. It is not blowing large amounts of air through the vents even when turbo cool is engaged. Not sure where to look next. What other steps can we take? Is there something we are missing?

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