GE Profile Microwave/Convection Oven Model # (PEB9159EJES)

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DAVID PRUTZ asked 4 years ago
I had a faulty primary door interlock switch so I replaced it along with the second door latch switch and the monitor switch. I reconnected the leads and supplied power. I tested the microwave and the oven and it\'s operating as it did before the switch failed. However, when the microwave has not been in use and the door is opened to use it the lcd displays the word hot and the microwave beeps. It never did this before and I\'m not sure what would be causing this proplem. I confirmed that I attached the leads to the switches correctly. I\'m not sure what to do to clear the hot warning and the beep. The microwave display is not listing any error codes. Does anyone know what might be causing this issue.Thanks and I look forward to your help.