GE Monogram fridge defrost timer need help

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE RefrigeratorGE Monogram fridge defrost timer need help
Pete asked 5 years ago
I'm working on a GE Monogram an older style one with 8a defrost timer. Since the timer is so close to the compressor the plug for the timer fell apart on me and all the wires came out of the plugs. I have no idea where the wires go in the defrost timer can you help please. The model number IS ZISS48NCASS THE WIRE COLORS ARE yellow black red and orange. The numbers o. The clock are in order 1 4 3 2 1 says orange 4 says bk. 3 says gr and 2 says Bl I am stuck trying to fix this man's fridge the best I got it was that it goes on defrost and stays there. I must have the wires on wrong. Please help thank Pete

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