GE Microwave Oven Combo Shuts Off During Use

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Duc Nguyen asked 2 years ago
I have a 2015 GE Microwave Oven Combo appliance (Model #: JT3800SH3SS). This microwave control panel is at the very top and controls both microwave and oven. I'm having a problem where the microwave and control panel would power off everytime we use it. In order to power the microwave and control panel back on, we would have to replace the fuse. Once the fuse has been replaced, the microwave light and the control panel turns on. The control panel would function properly, however once the microwave is actively microwaving food, both microwave and control panel would shut off again. The light for the oven still works whenever its door is opened even when the control panel and microwaves are powered off, however the oven can't operate because the control panel is off. The best way to describe how what the microwave sounds like when it shuts off is like as if someone turned off the circuit breaker for the microwave. I'm also guessing that the fuse is blown everytime the microwave shuts off so that's why I have to replace it each time. What I've done so far to try to fix the microwave is: Replacing the 20A fuse, Replacing the diode with a Universal Diode, Replacing the Power Board / Display Board (Part #: WB27X32626). None of these replacement parts fixed my problem. Any suggestions on what I could try and replace? Maybe the capacitor? Magnetron? Helpful links: Helpful Links:

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