GE Gas Dryer unknown E20 error code

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersGE Gas Dryer unknown E20 error code
Art King asked 1 year ago
I recently had a brand new dryer installed, and after successfully drying the first load of clothes, I encountered a problem with the second load. The dryer initially operated as expected, but then it began beeping and displayed an "Error E20" on the screen. Unfortunately, the user manual doesn't provide any information on error codes, and even when I checked online, the list of error codes available didn't include E20. As soon as I power on the dryer now, it immediately starts playing an error tone and shows the Error E20 message. I reached out to GE's support line for assistance, but they were unable to identify this specific error code. Their only suggestion was to join the queue for a service visit, which didn’t provide an immediate solution to the problem.

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