GE Front Load Machine Will Not Spin

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Michael Roth asked 4 years ago
I have a GE washing machine, Model # WCVH6260HWW that will not spin. When machine reaches the spin cycle, it pauses, eventually turning itself off if you do not hit the start button. I cleaned the filter of a very tiny amount of debris. I checked the belt and it is fine. I ran T-11 test and the machine did spin at all 3 RPM levels. I checked the hose coming from the pressure switch and it appears to be okay. I did blow into the tube to check for obstructions - seemed fine however I heard bubbles as the air came out the other end of the tube. Wondering if it's normal for water to remain in the bottom of the tub. When I remove the drain plug, a fair amount of water does drain out. I did a fill test and it worked as designed. I checked the drain pipe and it's working fine. The machine seems to getting both hot and cold without issue. I checked the error codes and found 3. E22, E23, E70.

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