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Brian Harvey asked 5 years ago
I have a GE DPSR610EG7WT dryer that shuts down before clothes are dry. I have tried to repair but issue is not resolved. Wet clothes in dryer will start to dry but dryer will shut off generally within 10 minutes. I can eventually finish the load but it takes SEVERAL restarts to complete (5+). Initially, the dryer would restart immediately but after some component changes, the situation has changed a bit and now it needs some time to be able to be restarted.I have changed the following components; one at a time; in hopes that each would fix the problem. Drum slide bearing support, slides, felt and new belt (new slides were needed anyway)- Dryer cleaned out of lint (inside cabinet) and vent system cleaned and 100% blockage free.- Cycling Thermostat- High limit thermostat- Door switch (this failed to work 100% of the time during all of these repairs) I bypassed the belt (interlock) switch to see if that was the issue. No difference.Dryer does have plenty of heat but I can't say if it is too much or not. the dryer heat selector does work correctly. At times it SOUNDS like the load is too heavy for the dryer but loads are no larger than normal.Start button seems to work as it should.I think all that has not been looked at is the timer and the motor itself but from what I read they rarely fail but that is about all that is left I think! I have been able to get the clothes to finish drying (after several restarts) on both the sensor dry and timed dry cycles so it seems that those functions are working. I am not sure if the cycle finally finishes because the clothes are a bit dryer and not as heavy, or what.Should I try to run a load with just 2-3 items in there to see if weight has anything to do with it?I have tried just about everything and the wife is losing patience with me! LOL. Please assist.

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