Garbage disposal will not drain

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago
My disposal spins but will not drain. There is no clog in the pipes either. When I run the dishwasher it drains into the garbage disposal but backs it up. I have done everything possible short of replacing it. Can you give me some advice of what I need to do to unclog my disposal.
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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
Is the other side of the sink draining? If the other side of your sink drains but your problem is on the disposer side only... Check the drain connection on the disposer itself. Food builds up in that area and can clog the drain. Unplug power to the disposer, remove the screws located on the drain flange attaching the tubular drain to the disposer. Get a bucket as water will usually be in the pipe and drip out when you remove the screws. Check for food or gunk that can build up in that area.