Front load washer will not drain water

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I have been working on this issue for the past two weeks. My Samsung VRT Front load Washer will fill with water and begin a wash cycle, but once it gets about half way through then it just hangs up and refuses to drain the water/complete the cycle (eventually erroring out giving the ND no drain error). I end up having to manually drain the washer through the small drain tube behind the front access panel. The most frustrating thing about it is that this is the only appliance we have ever purchased an extended warranty for (because of the importance it holds in a busy house) and it of course expired just months before this issue arose. Here are the things I have tried so far: Reset the machine: First thing I tried, unplugged, left for a while, plugged back in. Also tried some kind of "master reset" technique I read about online with opening and closing the door. Check the pump filter: First time i opened it up there were a couple strands of lint, maybe some dental floss, that was about it. Every subsequent time it was empty (I've opened up the machine about 5 times now and disassembled the pump 3 times). Check the actual pump assembly: As previously stated I have disassembled the pump assembly several times, the first time I cleaned out some gunk and general residue just for cleanliness, every time after that was to make sure all the seals were good and seated properly, no new blockages had made their way inside, and even most recently to just replace the drain pump all together. Also checked the circ pump since I had the opportunity, no issues there. Replace drain pump: As mentioned above I purchased a new drain pump ($75 with shipping) and installed that. No change. Checked continuity on door switch and both pumps: Used a multimeter to make sure the terminals of the pumps and the door switch had continuity, no issues there. Check pressure tube: Made sure the pressure sensor tube wasnt blocked or filled with water. Replaced drain hose: The old drain hose was kind of gross and was longer than it needed to be (placed far too deep in the standpipe, was really hoping that siphoning was the issue) so I bought a new one from Ace Hardware, came with that nice U-hook piece for the standpipe end of the drain pipe. Again no change. I was about to just flat out buy a whole control board assembly but theyre kind of pricey and I'm getting really frustrated with the lack of results/not being able to figure out what could possibly be causing this issue. I don't know how to safely test whether the pump is getting the 120 V it needs when it should be draining. Absolutely any advice at this point would be more than welcome before I tell my dad I've had enough and he can call for service.

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