Frigidaire washing machine won’t final high-speed spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Washing MachinesFrigidaire washing machine won’t final high-speed spin
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Our front load Frigidaire washing machine won't final high-speed spin. We've cleaned filters hoses. We can force it into high speed spin okay but kills out after a couple minutes of spinning. We have a Frigidaire front load washing machine, model HTF2140ES3. During normal washing, it won't go into final high-speed spin. We've taken off all the hoses and made sure they were clean. It is draining water okay. We can force it into a final high speed spin by turning the dial to Drain/Spin, pressing cancel, then holding down both the option and pause/cancel button until all the lights light up. Then we turn the dial to Delicate and it spins fast for a few minutes. Then it stops spinning and all buttons blink and it beeps/chimes four times following by three blinks of the start button (no beeps/chimes) then 2 seconds of nothing. It then repeats this. We cannot shut it off or restart the load. We have to unplug it. Any ideas for us?

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