Frigidaire Washing Machine Won’t Enter Rinse

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
What is(are) the most likely solution(s) to fixing my Frigidaire Washing Machine that will not precede into the rinse cycle? Model:FWS833AS1  Serial: XC21406960 My washing machine agitates fine.  Water fills the machine, it goes through the original wash cycle and then drains (in one cycle the water does not drain but in the delicate and white cycles the water does) however it never enters the rinse cycle.  I can not get the rinse cycle to activate at any stage by moving the timer, however the spin cycle can be entered by manually skipping the rinse cycle. I'm wondering if y'all have any idea what could be wrong with it, so I can know where to look to trouble shoot it, or if it's just too old. Thank you so much for your time

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