Frigidaire washer dryer combo not spinning fast enough

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Anonymous asked 10 years ago
We have a Frigidaire washer dryer combo Model number FLSG60RGSO. The washer spins in the last cycle but not fast enough clothes are soggy.

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Appliance Repair Staff answered 10 years ago
Hi, You may need a new thrust bearing kit underneath. It releases the brake so the unit will spin, especially under a large load. Try washing a load of clothes that is small like maybe one pair of jeans and see what happens. To test the transmission you could tip the washer back and remove the belt. Turn the transmission pulley in the spin direction. The transmission should turn without a lot of effort. If it does not, then the brakes are not releasing all the way. The thrust washers will probably need to be adjusted. If it turns freely, you probably have a bad clutch in the transmission.

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