Frigidaire Top Load Washer not Agitating or Spinning

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Frigidaire Washing MachineFrigidaire Top Load Washer not Agitating or Spinning
Terry asked 1 year ago
This is an FFTW4120SW1, about 3 years old. It will fill but will not agitate or spin. The belt is intact and appears to be ok. This unit has on board diagnostics which I ran. In the test, it would not spin or agitate, but it did not give me an error code. The lid lock works. I also removed the agitator and the splines inside it appear to be intanct. I can not turn the agitator by hand in power off condition, which I think is normal. Have not yet removed the top to ohm out the lid switch, but I think that should give an error code. Any suggestions on where to start?

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