Frigidaire Refrigerator strong smell from a repair

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Kerri Rose asked 8 years ago
We bought a refrigerator from a neighbor to keep in our garage.  It's fairly new, Frigidaire with freezer on top. Spotless and works great but they did some kind of repair to it a couple of months ago and must have used some type of really strong adhesive - it smells like very strong magic marker type of smell.  And now both the fridge and freezer have that strong smell.  Unopened packaged foods don't seem to be affected but last weekend I put a Styrofoam container of leftovers in there and even after I heated them in the oven, they tasted like the magic marker smell.  It was terrible.  I put several baking soda packets in there but that hasn't helped at all.  I tried to look online for an answer but all I could find was info on other types of smells (spoiled food, broken fridge parts, etc.).  I'd love advice for getting rid of the smell.  I would hate to have to get rid of the fridge over it.

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