Frigidaire refrigerator not cooling after changing start relay

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsFrigidaire refrigerator not cooling after changing start relay
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
How to get fridge to lower the temp after changing capacitor and starter relay.? Compressor starts off and on. After changing starter relay and capacitor the refrigerator has run for about 5 hrs and all I get is about 45/57 degrees freezer and 70/73fridge. Condenser is clean and fan starts and stops, not continuously. Compressor runs. But is not cooling after 5 hrs running. Fridge is 3 years old Frigidaire mo. LGUS2642LF0. Parts replaced are capacitor 5304464438 and starter relay 241941003. I did not check the defroster behind the freezer pane, I figured that after 3 days anything frozen would be gone. Any way I need help as my wife is getting very nervous. Thanks. Jorge Garcia

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