Frigidaire Model FGHS2655PF5A refrigerator too cold

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Michael W Hahn asked 3 years ago
I have the Frigidaire model FGHS2655PF5a refrigerator, and the freezer works perfectly, but the refrigerator is too cold. I have changed both thermistors, and verified that the motor / damper work. If I set the frige temp to 47 degrees, the actual temp is about 32 by checkign with a digital temp gauge and thermocouple, this is correct because water in a cup sort of freezes. If I give the frige a setpoint, it will run and thinks that is has acheived it. If the then lower the temp setpoint the damper will open to let let in cold air. If I increase the setpoint the damper will close. I ran all of the diagnostics per the electrical drawing and everythign checks out. It is as if the calibration of the frige temp is off by about 15 degrees. the freezer temp is dead on. I am thinking it is a control board issue but I am not certain. Any thoughts before I waste a bunch of money on the wrong part?

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