Frigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Not Making Ice

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Frigidaire RefrigeratorFrigidaire Gallery Refrigerator Not Making Ice
Matt asked 4 years ago
My Frigidaire gallery FGHB2866PF0 stopped making ice 3 weeks ago. The air and water filters are only 6 weeks old. I took the ice maker apart and found the ice mold cracked and mold thermostat dangling and damaged so I replaced the whole assembly, no ice. I ran the ice maker diagnostic tests, the fan works fine but it would not fill with water, the hose wasn’t frozen so I replaced the valve assembly. Now I can get it to fill but it won’t dump the ice. Then I figured the heater must not be cycling so I replaced the defrost thermostat and defrost heater. Still no ice. The Temperatures are set at 0 freezer 35 fridge. I need some help here, I’m out of ideas.

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