Frigidaire Front Load Washer will not start after filling

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Frigidaire Washing MachineFrigidaire Front Load Washer will not start after filling
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Washer fills. Will not do anything after that. Will not spin or agitate. Will drain. I called an appliance parts dealer. He told me it was probably the door lock. I took it off and took it to him. He said the wax motor in the lock was burned out. They no longer make this part. I bought it at Sears. It states Frigidaire on the washer and dryer. I called them. They claim it is a Kenmore. Yet it does not state Kenmore anywhere on the units. I had to purchase a new lock with an additional harness to make it work. I had to pay $80 each. So I paid $160.00+ I also had to take the cement balancing weight and chisel out a notch that was in the way of the new lock design. I see other locks on the internet came with a new weight block. I now know why. Mine did not. So now I have $180 into it and it still does not work. When you put the knob at the different cycles you can hear the clicks but it will not do anything. One appliance repair guy I called told me to throw it away. That front loaders are junk. I also can not find anyone that will work on front loaders. Can not get my money back for the $180 lock I bought. Can you help me out.

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