Frigidaire blinking lock light and oven won’t turn on

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RangeFrigidaire blinking lock light and oven won’t turn on
Sam Cazes asked 2 years ago
Blinking lock light, and oven won't turn on Model Number: FEF369CGSC Brand: Frigidaire Age: 6-10 years I was using the self cleaning feature and cancelled it as we were leaving the house. When we got back the oven door would not open and the lock light was flashing. I tried pushing different buttons and canceling the lock feature, all to no avail. I removed the back and unlocked the door by releasing the locking rod. I then removed the lock switch which was burned. All the wires from the lock switch were covered with electrical tape to prevent any short. At this point I thought that the lock light would go out. It hasn't, and the oven won\'t work. What do I do next? PS: since the lock motor is so costly, if it can be fixed without it that's fine.

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