Fridgidaire/Electrolux FFBD1831UB Dishwashwer

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Claire asked 2 years ago
Just bought the above unit and my first "electronic" type machine. It seems to be acting fitzy with no spport ( they don't even answer the phone) assistance from manufacturer. The manuals are abyssmal and on the normal wash it doesn't seem to get past water filling. On one of the cycles I heard the wash but it activated about 60 seconds of waiting. I see no directions on how to reset the electronics board. HELP! Does someone know how this blasted thing works ? I don't experience any complete cylces ( that I"m aware of) other than rinse and even then i have to cancel and restart for it to dispel the water. Is this thing just laboreously long inbetween actions? My advice is to stick to analog ( manual timer type machines).

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