GE refrigerator fridge not cold condenser ends seen frozen

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE RefrigeratorGE refrigerator fridge not cold condenser ends seen frozen
dk asked 3 years ago
I'm encountering an issue with my GE refrigerator, model GSH25JSTASS, where both the fresh food and freezer sections are not maintaining their cold temperatures. Upon inspection, I've observed that the compressor is warm and appears to be running. However, I noticed that the ends of the condenser coil are covered in white frost and become frozen within 10 minutes of operation. The condenser fan is functioning correctly, as I can feel the air flow, and the compressor fan is also operational. To troubleshoot, I've checked the three thermistors, and their resistance values are within the specified range, changing appropriately when dipped in cold water. I've already replaced the thermocouple and the heater, as the unit was not defrosting properly before. Additionally, I've replaced the compressor relay. The capacitor, however, has not been changed. From an electrical standpoint, the motherboard is receiving 13.5 volts and does not show any signs of damage or malfunction. Given these observations and the steps I've already taken, I'm seeking further ideas or suggestions on what might be causing the cooling issue in both compartments of my refrigerator. Is there a possibility that the issue lies with the capacitor, or could there be another component that I might be overlooking? Any advice on additional diagnostic steps or potential solutions to restore the proper functioning of my refrigerator would be greatly appreciated.