fridge not cold. condersor ends seen frozen

Appliance Repair Troubleshooting QuestionsCategory: Refrigeratorsfridge not cold. condersor ends seen frozen
dk asked 2 years ago
I see the fridge both fresh food and freezer are not getting cold.Compressor is warm and seems running. The condersor coil ends are white and are frozen with 10 min.Condersor fan is running fine, and i can feel the air. Compressor fan is running and see it outside.All the 3 thermister values are withing the specs when measured the resistance, and changes when dipped in cold water.Thermocouple is changed along with the Heater as it was not defrosting.Compressor relay is changed now. Capictor is not changed. the motherboard has 13.5v and looks good... not fried atleast.Looking for any more ideas...

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