Electrolux Wall Oven Extremely Slow to Preheat

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Joe Black, Sr. asked 2 years ago
I have an Electrolux Double Wall Oven M#: EW30EW65PSB, S#: AF44306118. It\'s 6+ years old. We noticed that it was taking a very long time to preheat. Sometimes it takes >1 hour to get to 350 and it seems forever to get to 450 when we cook pizzas. The lower over is slow, but not like that. The other day I set the delay start function to 425 Degrees, when I got home it had been On for almost 1 1/2 hrs and wasn\'t even to 350 yet. I turned the Lower oven on and it preheated to 425 F in like 25 minutes and the upper oven still hadn\'t quite gotten there. I had an Electrolux Authorized repair shop look at it. They worked on it 3 times and it may have gotten slightly better. I gave up after that. With all three service people, they said the same thing \"Don\'t Do the Cleaning Function!\" It\'s too hot. What\'s the point of having it if you shouldn\'t use it?I\'m not a technician, but a handy kinda guy. I'd try to repair it myself if I had a guide to troubleshoot with, but I cannot locate anything like that. Steps to take and how to make the tests. At this point, I am looking to replace the oven with a Whirlpool or KitchenAid, but that\'s an expensive fix, but it works. Otherwise, I can bring in a string or repair people, like the first ones, and have them replace everything in the unit since they don\'t seem to have the proper troubleshooting skills, which is a very common ailment in most service industries these days. I do have a multimeter and I know how to use it. Can you anyone me? Thanks

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