Electric dryer stopped tumbling and no heat

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersElectric dryer stopped tumbling and no heat
Anonymous asked 10 years ago
In the last 2 weeks, my electric Samsung dv419aew/aaw dryer, would gradually take longer and longer to dry my clothes. Finally, I went to press the on button which lit up the panel as if it was all set to go.  No error codes.  The tumbler didn't work.  I always clean the lint trap.  There is no man in my house and became disabled a few years back. There isn't much money to afford an appliance repairman.  I'm a diyer anyway and will always try to fix it myself before calling a professional.   Would you have any indications as to what would create this problem or narrow it down to any cause(s)?  Could there be excessive lint inside the machine enough to cause such a problem?  I would so much appreciate any help or suggestions before I need to call a repairman.  Thank you for your time, Pamela
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

Hi Pamela,<br>So, the panel lights up, no error code, but when you try and run your dryer it does not spin? <br><br>Does the dryer heat up? <br><br>If it does not tumble, is there any noise at all? <br><br>What does the panel say? <br><br>Lights still on and working as normal? <br><br>Please explain so we may investigate further.

psdangelo replied 10 years ago

There was heat before it stopped tumbling but over the last 2 weeks it has gradually taken longer for the clothes to dry. Now there is nothing….no heat and no tumble. There are no error codes. The panel lights go on and I’m able to press all the different buttons to change the drying settings but it just won’t tumble! I went to check it again yesterday and noticed a very faint click sound when i pressed the start button. I then pressed the off button, then pressed the on button. When I pressed the start button…again, I could hear that very faint click sound when i put my ear close to the top of the dryer.

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

Sounds as if there are a multitude of issues. Have you had the voltage to the dryer tested? Usually the heat will run on one leg of power and the tumbling will run on another. If both are not working then you either have a power issue, or possibly the motor and the thermal fuse have malfunctioned. Because this is a multiple problem issue, call a local repair company and just ask a few questions, see if they can diagnose issues for free, then charge for parts. They may be able to help better than us as we see many different things that could be going on.