Dryer still not heating

Anonymous asked 10 years ago
I cleaned out the interior cabinet, vent and vent hose of the dryer. I checked all components for continuity. I replaced the heating element, thermostat and high-temp fuse. The Dryer ran hot for about 5 minutes, but now just tumbles the clothes without heat. Is there something else that could cause it not to heat or to stop heating????
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

Has the thermal fuse “blown” again? If so then the heat is getting too high inside the cabinet. Check vent, blower, heating element making contact with cabinet?

barefoot4rain replied 10 years ago

no, the fuse, and thermostat are still good. i removed them and checked. element no contact with cabinet

Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 10 years ago

SO if the fuse, thermostat and heating element are all positively in working order and you know that for sure, it may be a control board or timer dial issue. <br><br>Are you also able to check to see if the machine is getting proper voltage?