Dryer does not dry clothes when exhaust vent is hooked up?

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Clothes DryersDryer does not dry clothes when exhaust vent is hooked up?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
For several months my dryer would take 2 to 3 cycles to dry a load of clothes. We cleaned the lint filter, even vacuumed under the filter. Next we clean the vents to the attic and replaced the vent from dryer to wall,  Still no luck. I think its worst. I tried running the dryer with no vent, and it worked perfectly. What is wrong with my dryer?
Appliance Repair Questions Staff replied 9 years ago

Since we do not know the make and model of your dryer, is it possible there is a heat setting and you may have it on low heat? When you say you ran the dryer with no vent, did you remove the hose from the dryer or from the wall? Either way it sounds as if there is some blockage somewhere and the heat is not able to fully escape. Have you tried going to the roof or outside to where the vent air escapes and seeing if it is coming out with the force it should? There may be a blockage somewhere you are not able to see or get to. The vent hose may also be kinked once you slide the dryer to the back of the wall and it is out of your sight.

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