Do I have a fan problem with my GE refrigerator?

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: GE RefrigeratorDo I have a fan problem with my GE refrigerator?
Alex Strittmatter asked 8 years ago
Please help me diagnose the problem that I'm currently having with my GE refrigerator. When I woke up this morning my refrigerator was making a click-click-click sound. Each click was about a second apart. This clicking sound was emanating from the circuit board on the back. I initially thought that perhaps the coils were dirty (they weren't) so I removed the lower panel. When I removed this panel the clicking stopped immediately and I think the compressor started up. I suspect that this means that my cooling fan (which was not spinning) is dead and that the coils were not getting enough air flowing over them until I removed the panel. Does this mean I probably just need to replace the fan? Thank you kindly for any assistance you can provide.

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