Daewoo American style Fridge Freezer Fridge not cooling

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Daewoo RefrigeratorsDaewoo American style Fridge Freezer Fridge not cooling
Reinier asked 5 years ago
My daewoo fridge freezer has a problem. The fridge side of the appliance doesn't get cold anymore, the freezer part does however work perfectly. I unplugged it and left it like that overnight. It still didn't work so I looked behind it. There was a fair bit of dust so I unscrewed the panel and and vacuum cleaned it and all parts that I could see. I then plugged it in again and let it run for a while but still no luck. I then removed the panel in the back of the freezer and unscrewed the rest and removed it as well. The heat exchanger is clear of ice. The fan that is in the middle of the fridge turns and blows air into the freezer. What I don't understand is that there is a duct between the freezer and fridge and no air seems to come through there. And I can't see any other air openings in the fridge.

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