Dacor MRES30S electric range burners randomly unlock and turn on…

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RangeDacor MRES30S electric range burners randomly unlock and turn on…
Mike asked 2 years ago
I purchased a home about a year ago and am just now starting to have issues with the electric range top of a Dacor MRES30S. I am not sure when the previous owner purchased or installed it, but i do know it is out of warranty. The issue appeared out of nowhere.. a year after we moved in and had been using the range almost daily, it randomly started to unlock the top touch-button controls and turn on the electric burners by ITSELF. The first time this happened I thought there was either 1) some specs of dust or debris on top of the touch activated control panel (which is very sensitive to touch... a fallen box of cereal has turned it on before) or 2) my house was haunted. I cleaned off the control panel top to ensure nothing was activating the touch pad and have not seen any ghosts yet so i would say 1 and 2 are out of the question. Anyways, it now happens numerous times throughout the day to the point where i have to shut off the breaker anytime we are not using the range/oven... so i do not risk my house burning down when i am sleeping. I have an engineering background and am tech savvy so not afraid to roll up my sleeves and replace parts as needed, i just need some guidance to troubleshoot the issue. I imagine this has something to do with the motherboard or control board but i am not sure. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Any recommended approach on which parts to check and how?

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