Cabrio Whirlpool Dyer AF code

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Two weeks ago my dryer wasn\'t heating.  My boyfriend replaced the heating element, thermostat an thermister.  It worked. However, now I am getting a AF code  and I don\'t see as much lint as I did before in lint trap.  Possibly even the top of dryer getting hotter than before?  My boyfriend took dryer apart, clean and vacuumed all lint out from the unit, the vent hose and tubing going out of house to outside.  Belt is on correctly he says.  As soon as we start the dryer maybe a minutes goes by and the AF code comes on.  He says he feels air comes out when he disconnects hose from back of dryer but he says the little flaps on the exhaust door on the outside of house aren\'t blowing open like they used to.  I\'m trying to not have to buy a new dryer because I just spent money on a new dishwasher.  Help!