Broken Refrigerator – Fridge Not Getting Cold

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I am having some trouble with one of my fridges. I have a small business and heavily rely on these fridges to work. First, the fridge was not getting cold enough. For several weeks, I have only been able to use the freezer section for cold storage. The bottom fridge part was not cold and the freezer section was not freezing anything. Now, the fridge does not attempt to do anything. It's plug in but it's not making any clicking noise or anything. I just tried plugging it in to listen. I touched the compressor and it gave me a little shock. I don't have much money, so in trying to figure out the most cost effected solution. Does it sound like the compressor is bad? Or do you think it could be the capacitor or something? Thanks! I really need some expert advice before I call in a repair guy. The fridge is the only one that isn't personally mine. I don't want to pay someone just to tell me the compressor is bad and I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars fixing someones fridge. I would just prefer to get another one that I would own.

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