Blomberg Dryer Not Heating

Andrew Green asked 3 years ago
Hi I have Blomberg TKF 8451AG50 Heat Pump Dryer I have cleaned all lint from everywhere in the machine and I mean everywhere I stripped it down. I have now found a test Program and I get the below message (pumps, condenser, NTC etc are all ok) “xxx” appears on the display. This is the open circuit ADC value.Check the sensor if the sensor are open circuit. It cannot be passed to the next steps till the sensors are open circuit. When the sensor value reaches to 250ADC, it means open circuit and “Ohn” appears on the display. When the ADC value reaches to 250, it means sensor is open circuit and you can pass the next steps. The readout never reaches 250. It has an average of 70, low of 45 and high of 110 What do I test now, how do I know which sensor to test ? Any help gratefully received Andy

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