Amana Washing Machine NTW5205TQ0 – WATER FILL PROBLEM

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Amana Washing MachineAmana Washing Machine NTW5205TQ0 – WATER FILL PROBLEM
LESLIE PATTON asked 4 years ago
AMANA WASHING MACHINE NTW5205TQ0 - Machine will only fill when manually holding load size selector knob between two of the options. For instance, the instead of being turned to small or medium, the knob has to be held in place in the middle of those two choices for water to start filling machine. HOWEVER it won't stop filling, it will overflow if the knob is held in place. When the knob is clicked back over to a load size choice, nothing happens. The machine will not run or proceed with the cycle. I pulled all the wet clothing out and went to the laundromat, but I have a machine full of water and no idea where to start looking for issues to repair.

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