Amana Top loading Washing Machine Won’t Rinse and Spin

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Amana Washing MachineAmana Top loading Washing Machine Won’t Rinse and Spin
Heather asked 2 years ago
My washer will fill and go through the wash portion of the cycle, but will not fill again for the rinse cycle and will not complete a final spin. The rinse light just blinks. When I try drain and spin, the washer locks, starts to spin, then stops, while the final spin light blinks. I tried to run a small cycle with the drum empty tonight. It sounds like the washer is having a hard time with agitating and when I opened the lid there was a funny smell, not quite like burning rubber, but reminiscent. I don't know what it normally smells like as I have never done that before....

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