Amana Refrigerator XRSS687BB – Compressor Starts Run 5 seconds then stops

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: RefrigeratorsAmana Refrigerator XRSS687BB – Compressor Starts Run 5 seconds then stops
Cameron Berechree asked 8 years ago
I have an Amana XRSS687BB double door Fridge. About 2-3 weeks ago it stopped cooling all together. I cleaned the coils, checked the fans were all working, defrosting OK, replaced the Capacitor and Start Relay with a Supco 3 in 1. Now, the fridge will run fine for a few days. Even frost cover on coils, all fans working, freezer is freezing water, fridge is cold all good. Except the display is flashing - 16 degrees Celsius (Australian). It doesn't put the alarm sound on, just flashing. Fridge temp indicator is not flashing. But the fridge and freezer are both at perfect temps inside the fridge. Now randomly after a few days then fridge will stop again, the compressor will try and fire up, will click on, try start run for 5 seconds then shut off. This will continue over and over every 5-10 minutes. But if I open the freezer door for 2 minutes the compressor will kick on just fine and run nicely. Will start freezing and nice cold air will come out. If I close the door immediately the compressor will shut off. If I leave for 10mins open, then close door it will continue running Can anyone point me in the right direction? Seems like compressor is OK once it actually fires up. But sometimes get stuck in this hard to start mode.

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