Amana Refrigerator Will Not Shut Off

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Mr. Dork asked 4 years ago
Amana refrigerator/freezer Model 85178 Last week I noticed the ice cream was soft in the freezer. I turned the freezer thermostat up and now it seems the refrigerator/freezer will not shut off. Things are freezing in the refrigerator section and it's about 25 degrees. So I've adjusted the freezer temp back down. When I adjust the freezer thermostat, I can hear the click and it shuts off. It seems like this click isn't in the same place it was last week, maybe a little lower in the dial. The Thermostat for the refrigerator does not click in any part of it's range, I've turned it way down as you can see in the attached picture. It's still super cold in the refrigerator section. There is a wiring diagram on the back of the unit I can refer to. Amana refrigerator/freezer Model 85178

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