Amana Freezer Will Not Go Below 10 Degrees

Appliance Repair QuestionsCategory: Amana RefrigeratorAmana Freezer Will Not Go Below 10 Degrees
Josh Blace asked 4 years ago
Amana refrigerator, model ABB1924DEQ, with a bottom freezer. Currently, I'm facing an issue where the freezer won't cool below 10 degrees, although the refrigerator section is working perfectly. I've checked and confirmed that both the condenser fan and the evaporator fan are functioning properly. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be any significant ice buildup, except for one line coming out of the compressor. Given these observations, I'm trying to understand what might be causing the freezer to not reach colder temperatures while the fridge remains unaffected. Any insights or suggestions on potential causes and solutions for this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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