Amana electric dryer – no heat

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DAVID GAFFNEY asked 3 years ago
The machine turns on and the drum spins, but there is no heat. It just gets stuck in the "less dry" cycle until I turn it of. Yesterday, I tore the dryer apart, cleanded it, and I tested everything that I could, from the heating element, to the thermal fuse, cycle thermostat, and high limit thermostat. Nothing was faulty according to the continuity tests I completed with my multi-meter. The only thing I didn't test, because I didn't know which connectors to isolate together, was the timer itself. That wouldn't matter from what I can see online, because the timer is no longer available and neither is its replacement. Now that I'm thinking about it, I didn't test the moisture sensor, either. One more thing... As soon as I open the dryer door, there's a "click" and the light turns off when the drum stops spinning. Not sure if that's a symptom worth mentioning, but I have no more ideas. A repair call will be at least $100, then the cost of parts and labor. Could be $200-$300 minimum unless I can fix it myself. So, any ideas, or should I just buy a new dryer? My Amana NDE7800AYW is 16 years old, so manybe it's time for an upgrade.

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